Going Somewhere?

Chapter six is one of my favorite chapters, which I am sure is true for others as well, due to the long-awaited appearance of the Cheshire Cat. The Cat’s conversation with Alice has provoked many unidentifiable yet entertaining thoughts to wrestle with. We are all heading somewhere just as Alice is in her journey, but many of us have no idea where. How do we get to where we want to be, if we don’t know what it is we are looking for? A little bit of madness wouldn’t hurt. First we must ask ourselves what we define as mad. One may think madness leads to nothing, but some of the most brilliant inventors or artists have been known to be “mad”. The Cheshire Cat says “Call it what you like”, but we cannot deny that this sort of madness has led to the most prominent ideas impacting those all around it.
A little madness is also what makes us unique, what defines us. For instance, one persons’ interpretation of “mad” is different from another’s interpretation. This is just like the way a person views the world in terms of their own perspective. Our perspectives affect our actions that take us on a path we are traveling. Therefore madness may be one vessel through which we discover a new route. One may also note that the Cheshire Cat, who resembles madness, offers Alice advice on her journey pointing her towards multiple directions. We may not even have a specific destination, but a person is sure to get somewhere if only they “walk long enough.”

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  1. I like the thought that madness is merely a vehicle through which we can discover new perspective. Perhaps we are not mad, but are accused of such by those around us because of the radical nature of our actions. The greatest artists of our day utilize a strange mix of their conceptions on beauty to create some down right disturbing pieces. Gone are the days of easily recognized beauty opening the doors to new and different kind of art. The strange pieces of modern art which hold such appeal for some are misunderstood by others. Are these artists mad? I would say no, but you never know, after all, how can say that they are impartial enough to judge.

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