First Thought? Of Course I Ought! (Ch.10)

Summary: What quirky images/ thoughts pop up in my head as I dive into each chapter of The Annotated Alice? Get your dancing shoes and pants on as we do-si-do “The Lobster Quadrille”. (Ch.10)

(Note:  If you’re interested in these ideas, feel free to check out the previous posts on Ch. 1-9 under one of our categories found in the side bar, ”First Thought? Of Course I Ought!”, too, if you want.)


My first thoughts?

When I first saw the title I thought of food, perhaps it was because it was lunch time when I was reading this chapter… Anyways I found out it was a dance! So of course while reading, I was trying to picture how this dance would have gone.

In my research, I found the 1999 version of “Alice in Wonderland.” Here Gene Wilder (aka Willy Wonka in the 1st movie version – not Johnny Depp- so of course he was brilliant) plays the character of the Mock Turtle and sings beautifully the “Lobster Quadrille Song” and “Beautiful Soup”.  In this version, the full lyrics are not sung, yet the message is still shown.


I also find it amusing the use of puns throughout all of these chapters. From shoes are shined by blacking, yet shoes under the sea are done with whiting, to ‘With what porpoise?’

Disregard the scene from 6:46 to the end, for in this version the director combined Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.

I also noticed the several times Alice actually checked herself when talking to the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle. She is learning how to control her thoughts and start becoming patient with herself. I believe this is a perfect example of how Alice is transforming through Wonderland.

Stay tuned for “First thought? Of Course I Ought!” (Ch. 11)


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