First Thought? Of Course I Ought! (Ch.11)

Summary: What quirky images/ thoughts pop up in my head as I dive into each chapter of The Annotated Alice? “Who Stole the Tarts” from the tart jar? Who me? Yes you! Couldn’t be! Than who? (Ch.11)

(Note:  If you’re interested in these ideas, feel free to check out the previous posts on Ch. 1-10 under one of our categories found in the side bar, ”First Thought? Of Course I Ought!”, too, if you want.)


My first thoughts?

The only tarts I know of thus far are the Duchess’s tarts, although why would they be of importance of this chapter? Honestly, the answer is never answered. Perhaps in the last chapter they will mention why, if not, it isn’t the end of the world.

I find it fascinating that the jurors were writing on a slate instead of a computer or paper. If they wrote on a slate, wouldn’t they run out of room or have to erase the comments before so they can write even more? This is a very peculiar method of choice. Of course, this trial does seem pointless; hence there is really no point in keeping the trial on record.

As for the jurors, I am not surprised the juror that Alice grabbed the pencil from was poor little Bill. He can never catch a break…could he symbolize bad karma?

As I wanted to see how the Lobster Quadrille dance plays out, I was curious to see how the director of the 1999 version portrayed the courtroom scene.

I have no idea what the black smoke chasing Alice was, but that’s how the director chose to transition from one scene to the next. In the book, Alice hears a cry of “The trial’s beginning!” and wonders to find out what it is. Alice is also sitting by the Gryphon in the Carroll’s book instead of the Duchess. Perhaps it was easier for the director to have the Duchess instead of the Gryphon in the scene.

In the video version, they actors bring the characters to life and the lines become much more comical (even if there are a few added puns). I especially love the Queen and the Hatter. “Chop off more heads. It’s wonderful! Chop! Chop! There’s blood everywhere!  Drag to clean.” This quote isn’t in the book, yet it’s a great add in pun! “We don’t do encores…” You sang at my concert…but this is even worse!” “I’ve been practicing” Another add in pun, yet they are so funny.

I wonder why when the Rabbit presented the case at the beginning he said that the Queen baked some tarts, although at the end of the chapter it was the Duchess’s tarts that were questioned. Did Carroll mean for this to happen? & why did Alice grow when she did not eat nor drink anything? Could this be a sign that it was not the “Drink Me” or the “Eat Me” objects did not change Alice’s growth, it twas what she was thinking and feeling that made her grow either larger or smaller.

Stay tuned for the final “First thought? Of Course I Ought!” (Ch. 12)


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