Hidden Meanings, Why?

The idea of over analyzing Carroll’s book and killing the magic of wonderland has been mentioned in a couple of people’s blogs. While reading these blogs and thinking a little bit, the question that came to me was

“Why did Lewis Carroll put topics in the book that could be over analyzed, have possible hidden meanings, and wouldn’t be understood by a child such as Alice?”

Originally the purpose of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was to entertain a little girl named Alice Liddell and later on was used to make money, even though it was simply made to entertain a young girl in the beginning. Carroll put many references to things that a child wouldn’t understand such as the caucus race, which most little girls don’t know is a political competition, not just a simple foot race with no winner. Why? Only Lewis Carroll knows, possibly he knew he was going to publish a book when he first told Alice the story so he added social and political references so that the book would appeal to adults as well as children.

Did he just put those references in it just because he wanted to, or something else?

No matter what reason, he did put social, political, and numerous references in Alice in Wonderland that a young child such as the original Alice could not have understood yet he put them in there for some reason.


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