Louis Vuitton’s Wonderland Collection

As the holidays are approaching, designers, stores and companies are putting their thinking caps on trying to come up with catchy and new ideas to display and sell their merchandise. The number of people shopping online increases each year by the convenience and easy access to find the information they want immediately, which increases their satisfaction. Plus with the number of emails and online only coupons, customers are urged to buy their desired items online instead of in stores.

This year I decided to shop online for many of my family members because I don’t have a lot of spare time to go out to the malls and shop ‘til I drop. As I was doing my online shopping for a gift for my mom I was looking at designer sites to find a wallet that would hold all of my mom’s credit cards and different store cards. When I clicked on the Louis Vuitton’s site, a beautiful presentation of their new collection Wonderland, with soothing music I must add, was displayed on my computer screen. One can click on the Six Tales of Holiday Magic and be immersed into the classic fairytale surroundings of Wonderland, Cinderella’s steps, Snow White’s apples and many more.


Why would Louis Vuitton’s advertising committee choose this as their campaign?

About everyone has read or seen these fairytales come to life and love one if not all of the stories. By incorporating the products of Louis Vuitton, customers can also relate to the beloved story in which the product is associated. Keeping in mind the price range in which these products are in, the display online is one to applaud and admire. The scenery of mushrooms and the key whole to the beautiful garden are some of the scenes taken from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. All they need is a tea party and a Caterpillar and they are set!

Many companies use fairytales/Wonderland as their campaigns, but out off all of them I have seen the Louis Vuitton display caught my attention the quickest and is the one I would recommend to check out. (Even if the price range is a little high, looking at the displays is free *wink*)


What Wonderland themed collections have caught your eye over the years?



  1. You automatically hooked me with the very title of this post. Being a teenage girl I love shopping and brands. I think it is absolutely hilarious how much more we see of Alice now. The movie wasn’t all that good, yet so many people take the ideas of Alice into their stuff. I think it is because Alice gives so much creativity that if I were a designer, I would make a line after it too. There is so much color and carisma in Alice that it is almost begging to be used.

  2. As a teenage girl you immediately caught my attention by mentioning Louis Vuitton (LV) and shopping in your entry. My eyes were drawn to the pretty pictures and sparkling products. Well, I guess their campaign is successful! But I stayed because of what you had to say. I think by using something that most people are familiar with they make their product seem attainable. In this economy that seems to be the goal of every company. Everyone is screaming “buy this” but we have to watch ourselves on what we buy. By making this connection to Wonderland LV made their products seem like a possible purchase.

    • Like I said to Abbie, when I saw it my jaw just dropped and I couldn’t speak for a second! I agree, Louis Vuitton has some clever advertising staff. This is sort or like Twilight. Once Hot Topic and other stores started to sell the merchandise, their other products look much more appealing to their customers. It’s the circle of advertising.

      Btw thank you for staying and commenting!

  3. Wow! That is very interesting. I find it funny how once you read a popular story, you begin to see how much people reference to it. but before you never even realized. Yeah I guess the thought of an enchanted forest is soothing in a way. I recently heard someone on a show refer to a “rabbit hole.” I definitely would not have noticed that before I read the story. Another cool thing I experienced with Alice in Wonderland was when I was 10. A family friend was getting married and I was in her wedding. Her wedding was at Disney World. The day before the wedding there was a bridal tea party. What was the theme? Alice In Wonderland of course! I remember Alice, the rabbit, and the mad hatter being there. I distinctly remember the mad hatter asking me where Alice was. Just thought that was pretty cool!

    • It is very interesting! I can’t stop see and hearing Alice references! I feel like its fate! As for the wedding, that sounds amazing and that you had a fun time! My family went to Disney Land or World, I can’t remember, and they actually had an Alice in Wonderland ride! You would sit in a car that looked like a caterpillar and it was a mini rollercoaster. It had both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass incorporated in it. Even though I was 5 or 6 I will always remember it!

      Just watch the next time we go to Disney World they will have a virtual game/ride where you are actually Alice and take your own journey down the rabbit hole!

  4. HEY! That’s pretty cool! Not to be off topic or anything, but I do believe that you have given me an idea for a christmas present for my grandma ;] yayy. Anyways, I think that the Alice bit may have come from the fact that the movie is coming out not too long from now? And a lot of these movies came out when the current generation of adults were children, so it’s kinda bringing them back to their pasts. Just my thought on all of this. But, I do think that is really cool. And it’s an amazing idea for a blog. GOOD JOB!!!

    • HEY! I know! When I saw it my jaw just dropped and I couldn’t speak for a second.
      I am very glad I gave you gift ideas and I am sure Louis Vuitton is too! I actually never thought of incorporating the new movie with all of the new ads for different companies. Good observation! On your comment about “bringing them back to their pasts” is very true. Its like how there are 50’s restaurants and Medieval Times…although hopefully all of the people from the Medieval period have gone to a better place. 😉

      Thank you for your comment! Any feedback is very helpful.

  5. That is very interesting way of advertising. The picture with where it you can see a purse inside the outline of a key hole reminds me of the scene where Alice is peering through the key hole of the tiny door at the beautiful garden. I know that that is the whole reason you posted it, I just wanted to say it. I have noticed lately how luxury products; cologne, perfume, jewelry, and cars have been advertised on TV in fairy tale scenes. They make it seem like these products will make your life “enchanted” in a way.

    • I agree that it’s a very unique way of advertising especially for a designer like Louis Vuitton.

      That’s true about the keyhole picture. The mushrooms were also a very clever way of incorporating many of their products. I love your last line:

      “They make it seem like these products will make your life “enchanted” in a way.”

      I think everyone at some point in time dreams they are that prince charming or beautiful princess and with these products one can feel like it. You can also go to Disney World/Land where “all your dreams come true” and for the time you are there, you are that prince charming or beautiful princess. That’s the magic of Disney.

  6. That’s a very interesting subject. I like how you have brought up an outer source who is also using Alice to draw the publics eye. When we think about it, the story of Alice is probably involved in more adult products than we realize. Alice is a great form of inspirtation for designers, writers, and businesses to use, especially around the holidays. Christmas is a holiday filled with joy and time for companies to come out with usually colorful bubbly movies or stories that families will want to read or watch with their families. Although Alice is considered a “childs” story, it still attracts adults with its colorful events and playful movie. I like that Louis Vuitton’s collection is inspired by a story that we are recently studying because it helps show that stories can be timeless and constantly brought back through different forms of advertisement. This helps to show that even adults are attracted to the stories fantasy like writing and events,.

    • I agree! I would think it would be a lot of fun to study and find how different fairytales or icons in advertising affect the selling of their product. As Abbie brought up how it brings the kid out of the adult, I believe many of these “fairytales” are aimed towards adults on purpose and for a reason. Whether it was for advertising I don’t know, yet I think these authors saw an opportunity to have their voice be heard and they did it in a very creative and clever way.

  7. Well, that’s very interesting! Although my first reaction was “This is ridiculous!” I soon changed my mind too “Oh pretty!” It’s curious to see where children’s stories end up and how they affect people even later on in life. Children’s stories are often ripe with creativity and inspiration, open for others to be creatively inspired.

    • I love the number of students who find this interesting! It shows that Louis Vuitton wisely picked a beloved story that would up their sales and popularity. I have a feeling like children’s stories, subjects in school where we think we will never use will come up in some form in our lives and we might just wish we would have stayed awake in some of them! 😉

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