No Bounds

At first we see Wonderland as a magical dream land were every thing is perfect, when in reality it is a chaotic mad house. I think it is interesting that we as readers can not see the bad in something like Wonderland because, we like Alice are so fascinated by strange things that we see around us. If we take a closer look at Wonderland as a whole we can see that this is one messed up place that has no morals, and no bounds. Rabbits with watches, the craziest guy you will ever meet, smoking caterpillars, and beheading queens (just to name a few), sounds to me like this place could use some cleaning up.

What is the reason that all of these strange and some what terrible things don’t bother us at first?

The answer is, because we don’t look for hidden meaning, we don’t look under the surface. If we were to do that some of the things we might find could be frightening, the meaning of wonderland its self could be frightening. Why are we not scared then? Why do we continue to share this story with our children? We do because this is the story that we all want to hear the creation of a utopia of sorts, where anything is possible. That is what Alice is doing is it not? She is board, she wants something to do so, why not create a place where anything can happen. However she soon let her fantasy go out of control and what started as an innocent child’s play land became a place where there are no morals, and no bounds,and no sense of wright or wrong or, another way to put it would be, a place where they are all mad.

But, what does all of that say about Alice?

If see created this place in her mind does that mean Alice is mad, or immoral. We are never really given the answer to this question, it must be answered on your own. The way I see it is, even though Alice created a place with no morals or bounds does not mean that she does not have them, she innocent, childish thoughts are simply corrupted by the outside world. Now, I also do not think that Alice lives in a world with no morals or bounds but, that could simply be how Alice sees things or, how she is taught.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this entry. I like how you addressed how the story can have two meanings; one is what’s on the page, two is whats within the page. Also it helps to keep in mind this is a dream, and most people cannot control their dreams. Having strange dreams does not have to reflect on the dreamer.

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