Voice Thread

I analyzed these pictures and gave some of my thoughts on the caracters and the changes that have taken place in them through out the many rendetions of alice



  1. Hey Kierston, great Voice Thread! I have some points that I want to hit on. I really liked how you showed many characters in all three versions because it really helps me compare them side by side. I had never seen Tim Burton’s characters before so it was very intriguing to see them because they are very much darker than the original Alice characters so it will be interesting to see how the movie turns out. You definitely sparked more of my interest in the Tim Burton film.

    Another thing I found curious was the Caterpillar and how you said he was probably the most controversial character in the book because of the hookah use. Do you believe the Caterpillar could have been the same charater without the hookah? Besides most kids do not know what the stuff is anyway. Also, do you believe the Caterpillar, out of all the other characters, is really the most troubling to Alice?

  2. I posted in your VoiceThread on Tim Burton’s Caterpillar. My post was as follows:

    I think this caterpillar is far different than the original in the book in that he looks more of the, as you said aged, wise character. However the extremely alien feel to this picture sends chills down my spine. Both the Disney and textual Caterpillars were rude, yet they had a more friendly and anthropomorphized feel/look.

  3. So pleased to see that you were able to fix it. GREAT job, BTW! Nice to hear your voice bring the images to life.

  4. Kierston: You need to add the correct link to this. This is a non-public link. Look for the ‘share’ option so that people can listen to your analysis of the images. Thanks!

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