In Conclusion

The Alice project is nearing its end and the late nights of blogging and commenting are over.

It’s been an interesting and fun journey through Wonderland. Everyone (including my group and I)  in the Alice Project have all discovered something unique about Wonderland. Whether it be finding meaning in the text, looking at music with Wonderland, or anything else. We have all analyzed, read, and re-read and finally the long journey is over. We have come out more knowledgeable then when we came in.

My only regrets are that I can’t do it again (and that the ending of Alice was lackluster). Alice is over for now.

You never know: we may do another Alice Project over another book. I wish I started the project like how I am ending it, by working hard and writing like crazy. I myself believe I became a better writer and a better analyst due to the amount of work and thought required to do the project. I don’t think this has just happened to me, everybody seems to have become a better writer and a better analyst due to the project.

The ending of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was not as sweet as the end of the Alice Project is going to be. The Alice Project may influence some little kid whose roaming the interned someday. I don’t know. Perhaps the Alice project will be on the internet for a while. As Alice has grown we have also grown mentally and a little bit physically. As Alice has been curious, she has made us curious, not just about her and her journeys, but about her and the rest of the world.


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