More than a Little White Rabbit (version 2)

After reading Alice I wanted to compare my original thoughts of the white rabbit to what I thought about him after the story was over. From the very beginning I saw that there was more than one way to interpret the white rabbit, however, I did not see just how many there were.

As far as importance I didn’t see him as anything but a shinny object that Alice chased to get the story started but as I read on I soon discovered that he played a much bigger role than I thought. My guess is that most people had the same thoughts about him because, on the surface that is all he really is. As we read on however, we discover that he is a much bigger part of the story than we know. The court and the tea party are two good examples of situations that changed my opinion.

When I was done reading my opinions on every aspect of the rabbit had changed. He is more than a shallow shinny object, he is in an essence the story or its creator at least. The Rabbit is who moves Alice form place to place and keeps the story going. I also discovered that he is indeed very important to Alice and her journey. He is the most father like figure that Alice has in this story and is the reason that she stays alive. Think what you may of the little white rabbit but I must say that i think he is just about the most important character in the story.

Chase that rabbit as you will.


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  1. The rabbit is very important. He acts like a guide to Alice. He is constantly taking Alice from scene to scene. In team 13 I wrote a blog titled Analysis of The Cheshire Cat and the White rabbit. I hope it will help you view the rabbit from a little bit different perspective.

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