The New Wonderland

Mike Nathman recently wrote a blog about technology Technology Man’s Greatest Aid where he asked the question:

What if technology was incorporated into wonderland?

I commented by saying I don’t think it would work unless the wonderland of Alice’s time was changed to a modern one.

After this I watched the preview for Syfy’s “Alice”, where there is a modern Alice that is transported to what seems a more modern wonderland. Syfy’s Wonderland kind of had the same point I did; technology would most likely not exist in wonderland if wonderland was not a modern one. Due to Syfy’s Wonderland seeming to be more modern technology seems to be more important then in the original one. There are many technological things such as flying motorcycle things, moving ceilings and guns. There is even a scene in the preview of somebody on a bike following someone else and shoot what seems to be a gun.

So technology itself is more of a factor in wonderland.

It seemed like the original wonderland wouldn’t be able to have technology, because there would seem to be no place for it. This version of wonderland may work with technology due to this wonderland seems to be a modern wonderland not a 144 year old one. I’m interested to see what Tim Burton is doing with his version of Alice in regards of technology in wonderland. It seems like his Alice is not a modern one though, so flying motorcycles and guns aren’t likely to appear. By making Alice’s wonderland a modern one, Syfy has made technology a possible important part of the story.


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