Time is very important in our society today, the phrase “Time is Money” dominates the mentality of many citizens in our society. I also imagine it was also important in Lewis Carroll’s time too.

Time seems not to be a major in Wonderland, we are not given information about the sun rising or setting. The only reference to time I know of is the Little White rabbit saying something like I’m going to be late, I’m going to be late, the queen will cut off my head. Even then he doesn’t discuss time much, all he is saying is he’s going late. The rules of time in our world may not apply to Wonderland, being the nonsensical place that it is. It’s just strange for Wonderland to seem to have no concept of the sun rising and falling and a 24 hour day, but then again Wonderland is a crazy place where anything happens.

I assume the whole book occurs in daylight, because I know not of any reference to night. There may or not be a moon, it could be that Alice’s journey just takes a couple of hours so the moon does not rise in time. It’s strange how Carroll doesn’t put more references to time in the book. There may be more time references then just the rabbit saying I’m going to be late, because time is a very important factor in anything, and it seems strange how Carroll doesn’t reference time enough. Alice’s journey seems like it would take longer then a couple of hours, because Carroll doesn’t tell us of the amount of time that has passed by.

Time is an essential part of our lives and most likely it was important in Carroll’s life and it seems strange how he out time in Wonderland, but Wonderland is a crazy place so may have left time out on purpose.


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