Will She Remember?

Anybody that has finished Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will know that Alice’s adventures end with Alice waking up and the reader discovering that adventure was all just a dream.

Most people have dreams, experiences that seem real or seem out of this world, a dream an experience that very unique, interesting, and full of magic. But when that person wakes up, the magic disappears and the unique experience is forgotten. Sometimes somebody remembers their dream, their unique experience. Even if they do remember they usually remember only parts of it and as they get older they forget the dream. Alice is no different then any other person except that she doesn’t exist on earth, except in story. Assuming that she exists in story and in that story, she is a human person, and then she must have dreams, because almost every person has dreams.

So the question I would like to ask is: “Will Alice remember her journeys in Wonderland?”

Assuming that she is a human person and has dreams then she most likely would forget them when she woke up and even if she remembered, she would only remember parts of it most likely. Some people have talked about Alice maturing and growing within wonderland, but after a while the question that comes up is, “Will she remember all that happened in her dream and will that affect her in the real world?” It seems like and wonderland provides questions then answers. The answers to this question and many others most likely lies in Alice and the looking glass a book I haven’t read, the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.



  1. I agree with Edward, I believe that Alice’s dream of Wonderland is so unique and bizarre that it would probably be practically impossible for her to forget it. Many people don’t remember every dream they have had in the past, but just about everyone has that one dream that they couldn’t forget even if they wanted to. I too have a few dreams of that sort glued into my memory. I had at least three of them before I was 7 years old, and they range from my desist great grandmother coming back to say goodbye for the last time, to me running into complete darkness from a bright light behind me. Even when some dreams don’t seem too significant once you wake up, something always keeps you from forgetting them. Though I’m not very sure what causes this.

  2. Alice did remember Wonderland because she told her sister about her adventuires. wheater she uses the lessons she gained while traveling through Wonderland is a tast left up to her. Some dreams you remember for as long as you live. I believe this is on of those dreams for Alice because this is so unique in a way that no other dream compares to it.

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