While thinking of a blog entry, I went on you tube and searched Wonderland for no reason except curiosity.

I found many music videos about Wonderland, from Earth Wind and Fire to the classic Christmas song. Then I started thinking about who first coined the term Wonderland and after Google searching and looking through Wikipedia.

I found out that it seems like Louis Carroll was the first one to use the term Wonderland. Itt may be possible that my research was wrong, but I don’t think so. Probably there has been a person who said wonderland before Lewis Carroll did. Even if they did it seems like Louis Carroll is the first person to make it a widely known term, from what I could find out.

The term wonderland has been used in so many things, from books to songs to plays, and it all started from Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland.

Why did the term Wonderland become so popular?

Perhaps it was just a catchy phrase and it caught on or the popularity of the book also made the phrase popular. It’s similar to that of Twilight, before the books came out people didn’t say the word twilight a lot, but now the word is said quite a lot among teenage girls and everybody else, due to the popularity of the books and movies.

A book or a movie can make one word or phrase very very popular, There are many examples, Arnold Schwarzenegger popularized the phrase “I will be back” in the movie The terminator. Whenever someone hears that they think of the governor of California and robots. Would this term have been popular without the accent of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the popularity of the movie? I highly doubt it.

The term Wonderland has become an iconic word that is usually associated with the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Without Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the term Wonderland would not be as famous as it is today.


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  1. I think this term caught on so quickly because of the majesty of it. Ever since the beginning of time, people have been intrigued by what they ‘wonder’ about. If man can find himself in a land of that which intrigues him, wouldn’t he like that? By using this term, Carroll conveyed a land of wonder and everybody likes that. People wanted to be immersed in this land and that resulted in it catching on so quickly.

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