Mad as a Hatter

A personal favorite character of mine is the Mad Hatter.

As in my entry about the caterpillar, I do not want to express opinion about the Mad Hatter, I only wish to explain some of the ways he could be viewed.

The most common interpritation of him is that he is used to teach Alice about the strange, crazy things we have to deal with in life. This was my first opinion and I believe that it is valid. When Alice meets him, she is forced to deal with him and is not given any other choices, therefore teaching her that sometines you have to do things you don’t want to. This idea is based on the idea that Wonderland is a stand in for the real world but,  if you don’t think that, there are several other ways you could see the Mad Hatter. One good example would be, the Mad  Hatter represents society and its many elements.

I see two ways to support this argument. The first, when he tells Alice that every one is mad. This could be seen as an omnicient phrase, saying that he is all-knowing of all people. The second is his famous riddle, “Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk.” This could be linked to how we try to impress people in conversation, but in reality we have no idea what we are saying. The Mad Hatter is a wonderfully deep character, and his lessons are terribly important to the story.


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