My Wonderland

I know that if I were in Alice’s situation I would have handled things much differently.

First of all, I would have never taken a drink from the “drink me bottle”  because, even though it does not say poison I would no be so naive to believe that just because something does not say poison that does mean that it is not poison. The fact that she does drink the bottle tells me that Alice lives in an Ideal, protected society unlike the one the one we live in today. So, I was saying I would have be logical (as Alice tried to be) but, in a different way.

However, I think my journey through Wonderland would be very brief and unexciting because, I don’t think I would make it past the first hallway. Actually, I don’t think I would find myslef in that wonderland in the first place because I try not to think about the type of things that Alice would have to be thinking about when she is in wonderland. My wonderland would more than likely be underwater and my rabbit would be a talking fish. I think this seems logical because I love water, I think Alice’s wonderland had to do with the fact that she liked little animals and, she liked to play games, resulting in the talking cards. Sadly, we will never know if this is true but, it is fun to think about. However, there is more to the story than just reaction and setting, there is also the lessens we learn while we are there.

I live in a world that is much different than Alice’s and, I am older than Alice so, I believe that the lessens learned would be different as well. I also think that it would be a lot scarier than Alice’s Wonderland because I am older and do not get scared very eassaly and fear is a big part in this story. Back to lessens, I am not sure what lessons I would learn but I think that they would be about love, live, and happyness. As much as I would like to believe that my jerney through wonedr land would be different than Alice’s, I can not say if this is true or not. Wonderland is a very mysterious, deep place that can be seen from many different points of view and, I think your point of view would really determine how your jerney would pan out.

I am now achious to lose myself in Wonderland so, I am off to go on a jerney of my own.


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