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The caterpillar is one of the strangest characters in Wonderland and one of the most attracted characters as well. I do not wish to express my opinion through this , I only wish to show two of the many ways that you can look at this character. Most people’s first opinion of the caterpillar is that he is a drug reference. This  is a logical opinion because the author makes several indications that this is true. He also does smoke a hookah,(which is what really tips most people off) and he does act like he is on drugs. Another thing that could be linked to drugs is the fact that he lives on a mushroom, however, most people don’t see that one. I’m sure thought that this is not the only thing that the author wants us to see in the character.

He could also be seen as a figure to teach children to be careful with strange people and strange objects. How can this be so? Well, if you look at the time period, the hookah would have been new to England so, people would have been unsure of how to think of it. You must also remember that stories were meant to teach lessons. Carroll would have known the feelings of the people and used them to create an uncomfortable feeling around the caterpillar, and what a great way to do it. Once more, I am sure that this is not the only thing the author wants us to see in the character. There are many ways to look at the catipillar and those are just two of them. So, your turn, what do you think of the caterpillar?


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