Voice Thread

I analyzed these pictures and gave some of my thoughts on the caracters and the changes that have taken place in them through out the many rendetions of alice


More than a Little White Rabbit (Version 1)

Alice in wonderland explores a little girl’s adventures in a magical place that only the mind of a child could understand, but the question I want to answer is:

Why did she go down the rabbit hole in the first place?

We know that she follows a little white rabbit over to the rabbit hole and falls in, but I want to explore what the rabbit really means.

It could be that the rabbit represents a figure of human or even childish curiosity, but there are many other possibilities. My personal opinion is that the rabbit is a figure of a childish mind. Represented by the way he is described, with a waist coat, watch, and such. Perhaps a better way to explain what I think of the rabbit is a figure of a child’s mind out of boredom as an excuse to, if you will forgive the expression, chase a rabbit and go somewhere more exciting and stimulating.

Now, the true meaning of the unknown is beyond what we are told in the story, but it can be interpreted in many ways, and is a  fun rabbit to chase.