Louis Vuitton Commercial: Wonderland Style

Once my Louis Vuitton’s Wonderland Collection was posted, Vivian remembered a Japanese commercial that was aired not too long ago that she remembered having to do with Louis Vuitton. When we looked it up on www.youtube.com, we discovered that the commercial was based off of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Here is the first commercial:

After we discovered the first commercial, we discovered a follow up to the commercial that was a short film celebrating the six years of collaboration between Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton. It is called Superflat First Love:

What do you think about Louis Vuitton’s advertisement?


Louis Vuitton’s Wonderland Collection

As the holidays are approaching, designers, stores and companies are putting their thinking caps on trying to come up with catchy and new ideas to display and sell their merchandise. The number of people shopping online increases each year by the convenience and easy access to find the information they want immediately, which increases their satisfaction. Plus with the number of emails and online only coupons, customers are urged to buy their desired items online instead of in stores.

This year I decided to shop online for many of my family members because I don’t have a lot of spare time to go out to the malls and shop ‘til I drop. As I was doing my online shopping for a gift for my mom I was looking at designer sites to find a wallet that would hold all of my mom’s credit cards and different store cards. When I clicked on the Louis Vuitton’s site, a beautiful presentation of their new collection Wonderland, with soothing music I must add, was displayed on my computer screen. One can click on the Six Tales of Holiday Magic and be immersed into the classic fairytale surroundings of Wonderland, Cinderella’s steps, Snow White’s apples and many more.


Why would Louis Vuitton’s advertising committee choose this as their campaign?

About everyone has read or seen these fairytales come to life and love one if not all of the stories. By incorporating the products of Louis Vuitton, customers can also relate to the beloved story in which the product is associated. Keeping in mind the price range in which these products are in, the display online is one to applaud and admire. The scenery of mushrooms and the key whole to the beautiful garden are some of the scenes taken from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. All they need is a tea party and a Caterpillar and they are set!

Many companies use fairytales/Wonderland as their campaigns, but out off all of them I have seen the Louis Vuitton display caught my attention the quickest and is the one I would recommend to check out. (Even if the price range is a little high, looking at the displays is free *wink*)


What Wonderland themed collections have caught your eye over the years?