Will She Remember?

Anybody that has finished Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will know that Alice’s adventures end with Alice waking up and the reader discovering that adventure was all just a dream.

Most people have dreams, experiences that seem real or seem out of this world, a dream an experience that very unique, interesting, and full of magic. But when that person wakes up, the magic disappears and the unique experience is forgotten. Sometimes somebody remembers their dream, their unique experience. Even if they do remember they usually remember only parts of it and as they get older they forget the dream. Alice is no different then any other person except that she doesn’t exist on earth, except in story. Assuming that she exists in story and in that story, she is a human person, and then she must have dreams, because almost every person has dreams.

So the question I would like to ask is: “Will Alice remember her journeys in Wonderland?”

Assuming that she is a human person and has dreams then she most likely would forget them when she woke up and even if she remembered, she would only remember parts of it most likely. Some people have talked about Alice maturing and growing within wonderland, but after a while the question that comes up is, “Will she remember all that happened in her dream and will that affect her in the real world?” It seems like and wonderland provides questions then answers. The answers to this question and many others most likely lies in Alice and the looking glass a book I haven’t read, the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The New Wonderland

Mike Nathman recently wrote a blog about technology Technology Man’s Greatest Aid where he asked the question:

What if technology was incorporated into wonderland?

I commented by saying I don’t think it would work unless the wonderland of Alice’s time was changed to a modern one.

After this I watched the preview for Syfy’s “Alice”, where there is a modern Alice that is transported to what seems a more modern wonderland. Syfy’s Wonderland kind of had the same point I did; technology would most likely not exist in wonderland if wonderland was not a modern one. Due to Syfy’s Wonderland seeming to be more modern technology seems to be more important then in the original one. There are many technological things such as flying motorcycle things, moving ceilings and guns. There is even a scene in the preview of somebody on a bike following someone else and shoot what seems to be a gun.

So technology itself is more of a factor in wonderland.

It seemed like the original wonderland wouldn’t be able to have technology, because there would seem to be no place for it. This version of wonderland may work with technology due to this wonderland seems to be a modern wonderland not a 144 year old one. I’m interested to see what Tim Burton is doing with his version of Alice in regards of technology in wonderland. It seems like his Alice is not a modern one though, so flying motorcycles and guns aren’t likely to appear. By making Alice’s wonderland a modern one, Syfy has made technology a possible important part of the story.

Dive Into Wonderland

As a group we just:

  • discussed via CoverItLive some of the characters found throughout Wonderland.   The CoverItLive can be found here.
  • made a Prezi presentation for visual effect.  The link to the Prezi can be found here.

I Am Alice

Alice is on of the least complex characters in the story, and that is most defiantly an interesting move on the part of the author.

Perhaps, he wanted us to see Alice for only who she is or, maybe he wanted to make her harder to decode than the other characters from Wonderland. Alice is a young girl that is taught how to act in every situation that she would ever be in so it is very clear that she would not have the same behaviors as the other people in Wonderland.

However, we must also look at the fact that Alice’s brain came up with all of these people so, what does that mean about who she is.

I think this dream of Wonderland came from the dark reaches of Alice’s brain therefore says nothing about who she is. This would seem to be so because, some of the knowledge that she is given seems far beyond what a little girl would know and think about. But there is more to Alice that what is written, for example, one meaning of Alice that I came to was, she is an example of corrupt government taking advantage of innocent people.

The first time Alice drinks out of the bottle she simply reads the label and when it does not say poison she drinks it without question, this is the exact strategy that you would use to take advantage of someone. First you have to get them to buy into it with out question so that they will do what ever you say, and if properly executed you will have that, for awhile at least. Once that runs out you can either loose your follower, trick them again or, get angry and violent and that is where the queen comes in. She would represent the head of the corrupt government which is all ways power thirsty and violent.

Each of the characters could represent a different position in the government that is trying to take Alice over. That is just one of the many underlying meanings I though of when I looked at Alice.  Alice is the main character and the way we see her is very important. However, there are many ways to protray her so, there are many ways to potray the story of  Aice as well.

More than a Little White Rabbit (version 2)

After reading Alice I wanted to compare my original thoughts of the white rabbit to what I thought about him after the story was over. From the very beginning I saw that there was more than one way to interpret the white rabbit, however, I did not see just how many there were.

As far as importance I didn’t see him as anything but a shinny object that Alice chased to get the story started but as I read on I soon discovered that he played a much bigger role than I thought. My guess is that most people had the same thoughts about him because, on the surface that is all he really is. As we read on however, we discover that he is a much bigger part of the story than we know. The court and the tea party are two good examples of situations that changed my opinion.

When I was done reading my opinions on every aspect of the rabbit had changed. He is more than a shallow shinny object, he is in an essence the story or its creator at least. The Rabbit is who moves Alice form place to place and keeps the story going. I also discovered that he is indeed very important to Alice and her journey. He is the most father like figure that Alice has in this story and is the reason that she stays alive. Think what you may of the little white rabbit but I must say that i think he is just about the most important character in the story.

Chase that rabbit as you will.

Alice’s Playlist

The following is a potential soundtrack for a film/stage production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

1. Sitting in the Park –  Billy Stewart

This song describes the beginning of Alice very well. It is very light, very day dreamy and it’s just about sitting in the park waiting for something to happen, just like Alice.

2. New Soul – Yael Naim
This is a very good way to tell about how Alice feels when she first arives in wonderland. “I’m a new soal, I came to this strange world…” This talkes about being new in Wonderland and how strange it must seem to Alice. “but since I came here, felt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake”, talking about how she can’t seem to do anything right in Wonderland. “I’m a young soal in this very strange world…”, she does not know any better she is just a little girl trying to find her way in this strange new place.  “why all this hate? trying to communicate…”, she does not understand why everyone she meets is so harsh and critises her so much.
3. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
This song really explains Alice’s entire journey through Wonderland. It talkes about the different people she meets and really explains how the entire place is just one big “crazy train” that she is riding.
4. Off With their Heads- The Paper chase
This song while being blatantly ovious really explains the volital temper of the queen. This is a very loud edgy song so it gives it that added tension and anger that the queen has.
5. Chicken With the Train – Cowboy Troy
This song reall is a good way to describe the croquet match that Alice has with the queen. She really is playing chicken whith a large train (her head getting cut off). This song talkes about dodging the train and not getting hit, and that is exactly what Alice is trying to do.
6. Home – Daughtry
This song describes Alice’s feelings just before she wakes up. She wants to go home where she belongs and that is what this song is about.
7. Somebody to Love – Queen
While cheesy this song could be used to represent how Alice feels when she wakes up and tries to tell her sister what happened. The song talks about people having no faith and calling you crazy and that is exactly what Alice’s sister is doing to her.

Alice’s Directors Notes (pt. 1)

A high school has decided to take on Alice in Wonderland as their spring show. These are a few notes that the director might give to the actress playing Alice.
Scene: On the bank/ Down the Rabbit hole
“Emotion notes”:
At the start she is very board and a bit drowsy but, when she sees the rabbit she becomes very focused. It is very important to note this change in mood and make it obvious. When she finally stumbles down the rabbit hole it is important to remember that she is very scared and does not know where she is at this point. Her thoughts have been very jumbled and distorted by her fall and you must really exaggerate the confusion, the fear and all of the other emotions that she is feeling from flowing a talking rabbit down a magic rabbit hole.
You really must tap into your inner child here and show the audience your inner Alice (we all have one). You must also bring a lot of emotion to this character, she has a lot going on and you must react as she would. You must also think about the fact that Alice all ways has something to say and is not afraid to let you know it. As a result, you must have strong stage presence at all times, and don’t be shy.
All in all, Alice is a very bold character and you must let that show.
Placement/acting notes:
When sitting on the bank keep the body still but have a twitch of some sort like a leg shake. Really make the boredom know like a little kid would to their parent (“mommy I’m board i don’t wanna do this anymore.”). When the rabbit crosses look up immediately and exaggerate the sudden change in mood, really get interested.
Make the fall down the rabbit hole very dramatic and exaggerated.
Once down the rabbit hole remember there is a whole slew of emotion, don’t be afraid to get some tears going, fear is the main emotion we should see here. However, even though she is scared she is all so curious so, don’t let fear take over for to long. When dealing with the bottle do so with discretion at first but once she decides to drink it do not be as cautious.
Use deliberate movement. This is a curious little girl, she is aware or everything.

Alice’s Directors Notes (pt.2)

Scene: Waking Up/ Going Home
“Emotion Notes”:

For this scene you must really tap in to the “there is no place like home” feeling. Think about when you were little and came home from your first time at sleep away camp and think how happy you were to be home. When she first wakes up she is still trying to make sense of every thing so go back to that confused, frightened feel but, a little bit less strong.

Really think about the changes that she would have gone through and don’t let her be the same person she was before.

The first thing Alice wants to do when she wakes up is tell her sister all about it, just like when we go see a movie the first thing we want to do is go and tell our friends about how cool the movie was. When Alice does tell her sister, her sister responds by basically telling Alice that she is crazy which upsets Alice greatly. Think about why Alice is upset, What did she want from to hear from her sister.

Acting/Placement Notes:

When she wakes up make it very deliberate and sudden (perhaps she even startles her sister a bit). Take a moment of confusion to regain thought remember this is sudden. Once you have got yourself in order switch in to an excited state of mind so that you can prepare to tell your story.

When the time is right get up and walk over towards her sister but, remember that these are no longer the precise deliberate movements that she used at the beginning of the story. When you go over to her sister it needs to be like an excited child who wants to get their mother’s attention.When you do get her attention really get into  it and start the story form the very beginning. When her sister cuts you off really think about how that would hurt her again another moment where it’s okay to get a little emotional.

After Alice

After finishing the story, there are many things about this story that really caught my attention.

There are the morals of the story, the way the story is written/told, and the characters in the story. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland can be a controversial story if decoded correctly. I think this was the author’s intention, he just happened to be able to tell a children  story at the same time. Every generation that reads this story may find different meanings depending on the current state of where they live.

However, you can also find hidden meanings based on the time period that it was written in, but that is not the only factor that you have to take in to account. You must remember that this story was written for a child so, you could think that there is no hidden meaning at all.

This element of mystery is one of my favorite components of this story. The author is really trying to trick us, at first he does not want us to make anything of the characters and the setting but, we quickly discover that this is not the case.
Alice in Wonderland is full of hidden meanings and they are very intentional. Each character has many ways that it can be decoded and then once you have them all decoded and figured out you can do it again and connect them to each other in different ways. This story is also written so that people in different generations can find different meanings in the characters and story and find different ways to connect them. That is the reason that this story has stood the test of time and has earned the honer of being a classic. Hidden meanings are not the only strong suite of this long loved tail though.

Another great thing about it is simply the way it is written. Carroll does have a way with words (he would have to do all that hiding) and the way he tells the story is one of my favorite parts about it.  I thoroughly enjoyed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and look forward to the day when I can share it with my children.

The Wise Guy

Many stories have a character that mentors the protagonist and guides them.

This character is usually wise, confusing, mysterious and kind of old. I’m going to call this character The Wise Guy, not because they are smart-alecks, but because they are usually wise. Also The Wise Guy doesn’t always have to be a guy, it could be a girl, but usually it’s a guy so that’s why I’m calling it The Wise Guy. Mr. Miyagi, Yoda, and Don Corleone are some examples of Wise Guys, Mr.Miyagi guides Daniel san, Yoda guides Luke, and Don Corleone guides Michael Corleone.

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland the Wise Guy seems to be the Caterpillar that smokes the hookah pipe who guides Alice. He is confusing, mysterious, and kind of wise, however he is most likely not old. If he was old most likely he would be a butterfly, it could be that Wonderland being the crazy place it is caterpillars take forever to grow into butterflies and so the caterpillar may be old, but it really doesn’t matter.

In his encounter with Alice on top of the mushroom, he asks her many confusing questions, the most famous being “Who are you?” While asking these questions he confuses Alice quite a bit, which she mistakes as rude and tries to leave, but the caterpillar stops her and tries to help her find herself and guides her to the later part of her journey. He helps her and guides her, so he is a Wise guy.

The Cheshire cat could also be considered a Wise Guy, due to him being a very mysterious cat that helps Alice find her way around wonderland in a peculiar way. The Wise Guy is an interesting character in any story, he is the person who helps the protagonist grow and find their way in their world or dream world.

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