Student Name: Kierston R.

Bio: Kierston is a 10th grade student, and is in her second year at the Oakridge school. Her hobbies are dancing, singing, and acting. She enjoys spending time with her family and dog, and going to school. Her favorite class is science. In the future she hopes to become a doctor and start a family.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project:  I do not know much about Alice except what I saw in the Disney movie. It is a very fascinating story because it is full of symbolism, and I find symbolism very intriguing. My favorite character in the Disney movie was always the Mad Hatter. He was my favorite character because he is a minor character, but he is a major character at the same time, because of what he represents. I believe that the story of Alice and her adventures is a representation of the world at the time that it was written.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: I think this project will be a great learning and teaching experience. I can’t wait to get into it. When we first got started it was bit confusing, but when you explore the web site you can find many exciting adventures. I am not very tech. savvy, but I look forward to learning as much as I can while we are working on the project. I am very happy with the group I was given, and I know that we will all work well together and do well on the work that we do.


Student Name: Adam K.

Bio:  Adam is a 10th grade student at the Oakridge School. He plays football, soccer, and tennis. He has a dog named Terry that is very nice. He has no idea what he is going to major in and what he is going to do for a living after college.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project:   Adam knows that Alice is about about a girl who falls down a rabbit hole and shrinks. He also knows that there is a cat that says “Go this way.” and points in two directions, and that there is a person called the mad hatter. Apart from this he does not know much else.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: Adam believes the project is interesting, he has never had a blog before, and he hopes that something great will be created.


Student Name: Vivian H.

Bio:  Vivian is a tenth grade student who currently studies at the Oakridge School. Her favorite pastime is drawing and painting, and she likes to spend the rest of her time reading a variety of novels. Vivian hopes to one day become an artist wth a buisness background and the means to support herself. She is an only child, with no pets but hopes to adopt a cat one day in the future. Vivian enjoys watching movies that range from comedy to fantasy adventure.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: I have not seen any movies on Alice in Wonderland, nor read any version of the book. The only knowledge I am aware of is a girl, Alice, who falls down the rabbit whole and discovers a new world within. I have heard many references to the characters Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat, and Alice. I look forward to learning more about their world.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: The project will take a lot of effort and collaboration. However, the result will be worth the hard work and the final product will be a unique creation meant to leave a lasting impression on its readers. This project will strengthen my abilities to work in a group consience as well as familiarize us with helpful tools for the future. The overall project seems very intruiging, and I am eager to get started!


Student Name: Emma L.

Bio: Emma is a 10th grade student. She loves musical theatre and the arts as well as Chemistry and Foreign Languages. She is pursuing to be a Pharmacist in the near future as well as a mother. Her favorite sport is softball. She has a 3 year old dog named Bella and a 18 year old cat (yes she is old) named Max. Her little sister, Gretchen, is in the 7th grade. Her favorite books are Jane Eyre and The Glass Castle. Her favorite movies are Silence of the Lambs, Aliens (how ever many are in the series), and Saw (1-6).

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: I have seen the Disney version and loved it as a little girl. Although the story felt random at times, the appealing voices and the colorful pictures kept me interested. I don’t know if the story about the clams is in the book, but it was one of my favorite parts of the movie. One of the quotes i love is,  “Painting the roses red!”.  I also like the part when the Mad Hatter is having a tea party and the mouse sings “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at! Up above the world you fly like a tea-tray in the sky.” I guess I will see how close Disney was to following Lewis Carroll’s story.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1:  At first I felt I was going to be overwhelmed but as Mr. Long explained more, more pieces seemed to fall into place. I believe all of the projects created will turn out to be works of art that will be admired from all over the country and perhaps the world. I believe as the days progress we will discover new and creative ways to showcase our discoveries, and turn this story about Alice into a masterpiece. So in other words, I am thrilled to be able to have this opportunity and am eager to get started!


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  1. Love your masthead art! The design fits the book nicely!

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