The Vision behind “The Alice Project”:

On-Going Class Dynamic:

  • Treat the team element of the project in a professional & fair manner
  • Allow student ‘editor’ and ‘contributor’ status to rotate week-to-week (to allow for a true ‘servant-leader’ role to emerge)
  • Work successfully as a team, playing to each individual’s strengths (rather than weaknesses)
  • Contribute confidently / appropriately as an individual ‘contributor’; assist the ‘editor’ in maintaining the integrity of the project

Academic Analysis | Research:

  • Carefully read The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition on 3 levels: student / researcher / literary critic
  • ‘Engage’ the text through written reactions (via blog entries and comments on fellow classmates’ blog entries)
  • Showcase quality written analysis of Lewis Carrol’s classic text (and all related research)
  • Provide — when necessary / appropriate — related research and links to support knowledge-acquisition by visitors to the web site

Emerging Technology Utilization:

  • Maintain & develop an academic web site (aka ‘the blog’) with Mr. Long’s help
  • Develop an on-going (and carefully edited / maintained) digital portfolio of individuals and our collective discoveries re: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland via a careful consideration of The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition
  • Demonstrate a successful use of a variety of web 2.0 collaborative tools as story-telling / presentation catalysts

Culminating Public Display of Knowledge / the Project:

  • Each student / group will formally present / speak to their class re: their discoveries and contributions
  • Each group will produce — by the final due date — a legitimate digital portfolio of their analysis / research / discoveries that can aide other students / teachers in better understanding Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (and related topics)
  • Each group will respond — when necessary — to visitors’ comments / questions via the web site


  • Shift Mr. Long’s role to a behind-the-scenes collaborator and adviser for the duration of the project
  • Place students at the ‘head’ of the classroom to mirror a real research / work scenario
  • Create a ‘learning lab’ approach to how class is run day-to-day with clear guidelines, calendars, and technical support
  • Give students a creative outlet that honors authentic discoveries / opinions of a literary classic

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