First Thought? Of Course I Ought! (Ch.12)

Summary: What quirky images/ thoughts pop up in my head as I dive into each chapter of The Annotated Alice? Let’s see what the verdict is when we hear “Alice’s Evidence”. (Ch.12)

(Note:  If you’re interested in these ideas, feel free to check out the previous posts on Ch. 1-11 under one of our categories found in the side bar, ”First Thought? Of Course I Ought!”, too, if you want.)


My first thoughts?

Up to this point, the trail has been pointless in my perspective and now they called Alice to the stands, who is also growing larger and larger. I also took note that the King just wants to be in the action/trial instead of really knowing what he is suppose to do. This is shown when he randomly says “That’s very important” and the W. Rabbit corrects him “unimportant”. This is same with the Queen. All she wants to do is execute people. Is she doing it for attention or just for the authority?

Alice challenges both the King and Queen in this final chapter ending symbolizing her final transformation from an arrogant little girl, to a confident young woman. This is, of course, her personality not her appearance.

The verses on the letter are questionable to who the letter was for and who wrote it, although in the annotations, it poses the statement ‘If the Knave didn’t write it, asks Selwyn Goodacre, how did he know it wasn’t signed?’ Suppose the Knave took a chance and was correct, or maybe he did write it. I don’t believe we will ever know.

Could these verses be pertaining to Alice? She had a good character, couldn’t swim easily, the caterpillar proposed a similar question to ‘What would become of you?’, She gave the comfits to the animals and the Dodo returned her thimble as if ‘though they were mine before’, Alice does have a chance to set them (the Knave) free, before Alice realizes the truth she must conquer this obstacle, the letter warns don’t let her [Alice possibly] tell him [the King perhaps] that she liked them[the innocent] best, for this is a secret kept from all the rest. The book points to the Knave for these verses to be pertaining to, but I say it is Alice:

The ending is too sweet and vague to end this story full of important events and messages. To have Alice’s sister dream about Alice’s dreams reinsures that the reader does know that it was a dream [even though many people think it was real/because of drugs]. It is interesting to point out that Alice’s sister is older than her. She only half believed herself in Wonderland because she knew it was only a dream because of her greater knowledge and experiences she has acquired before Alice.

By the way…What ever happened to Dinah? Carroll never says that Alice picked up her cat and ran off to drink tea. Could Dinah have fell down the Rabbit Hole and become the Cheshire cat? Was Dinah ever real? She was a major thought of Alice in the beginning although as the story progressed she never mentioned Dinah. Any ideas?

This was the final blog of “First Thought? Of Course I Ought!” I hope everyone enjoyed following me and Alice down the rabbit hole and hope some of these thoughts encouraged you to think of even more questions and answers!

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  1. I feel like I’ve been robbed of story endings for our past stories. I plan on making a poll about how the viewers liked the ending; ill be sure to link it to this. Like Lord of the Flies, this book ended abruptly. Alice woke up and the story was over. In the other story, the naval officer showed up and took the kids away. The story is full of action, and the writer builds up the plot… and eventually lets us down.

    Seriously? Give us a finish!

    • I agree. It almost seems like Carroll got lazy and thought he was just ready to end the story. Although dreams do end abruptly. Perhaps Carroll meant for the story to end so suddenly to make you “wonder” what would have happened to her if she hadn’t of woken up.

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