Alice’s Playlist

The following is a potential soundtrack for a film/stage production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

1. Sitting in the Park –  Billy Stewart

This song describes the beginning of Alice very well. It is very light, very day dreamy and it’s just about sitting in the park waiting for something to happen, just like Alice.

2. New Soul – Yael Naim
This is a very good way to tell about how Alice feels when she first arives in wonderland. “I’m a new soal, I came to this strange world…” This talkes about being new in Wonderland and how strange it must seem to Alice. “but since I came here, felt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake”, talking about how she can’t seem to do anything right in Wonderland. “I’m a young soal in this very strange world…”, she does not know any better she is just a little girl trying to find her way in this strange new place.  “why all this hate? trying to communicate…”, she does not understand why everyone she meets is so harsh and critises her so much.
3. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
This song really explains Alice’s entire journey through Wonderland. It talkes about the different people she meets and really explains how the entire place is just one big “crazy train” that she is riding.
4. Off With their Heads- The Paper chase
This song while being blatantly ovious really explains the volital temper of the queen. This is a very loud edgy song so it gives it that added tension and anger that the queen has.
5. Chicken With the Train – Cowboy Troy
This song reall is a good way to describe the croquet match that Alice has with the queen. She really is playing chicken whith a large train (her head getting cut off). This song talkes about dodging the train and not getting hit, and that is exactly what Alice is trying to do.
6. Home – Daughtry
This song describes Alice’s feelings just before she wakes up. She wants to go home where she belongs and that is what this song is about.
7. Somebody to Love – Queen
While cheesy this song could be used to represent how Alice feels when she wakes up and tries to tell her sister what happened. The song talks about people having no faith and calling you crazy and that is exactly what Alice’s sister is doing to her.


  1. I compleatly agree with what you are saying Devon. Alic in wonderland is a wildly complex story and yes any melody could fit the story of alice

  2. These are a very interesting array of songs you have chosen. I also did a soundtrack for Alice, but I did not come up with any of these songs. That just goes to show how many different themes are in Alice. There are happy moments, sad moments, and moments that just make you want to scream. You could take almost any song and make it apply to Alice if you only listened to the melody. The lyrics might make it a tad conflicting, but the melody could fit any part of Alice’s adventure.

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