Alice’s Directors Notes (pt.2)

Scene: Waking Up/ Going Home
“Emotion Notes”:

For this scene you must really tap in to the “there is no place like home” feeling. Think about when you were little and came home from your first time at sleep away camp and think how happy you were to be home. When she first wakes up she is still trying to make sense of every thing so go back to that confused, frightened feel but, a little bit less strong.

Really think about the changes that she would have gone through and don’t let her be the same person she was before.

The first thing Alice wants to do when she wakes up is tell her sister all about it, just like when we go see a movie the first thing we want to do is go and tell our friends about how cool the movie was. When Alice does tell her sister, her sister responds by basically telling Alice that she is crazy which upsets Alice greatly. Think about why Alice is upset, What did she want from to hear from her sister.

Acting/Placement Notes:

When she wakes up make it very deliberate and sudden (perhaps she even startles her sister a bit). Take a moment of confusion to regain thought remember this is sudden. Once you have got yourself in order switch in to an excited state of mind so that you can prepare to tell your story.

When the time is right get up and walk over towards her sister but, remember that these are no longer the precise deliberate movements that she used at the beginning of the story. When you go over to her sister it needs to be like an excited child who wants to get their mother’s attention.When you do get her attention really get into  it and start the story form the very beginning. When her sister cuts you off really think about how that would hurt her again another moment where it’s okay to get a little emotional.


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