I Am Alice

Alice is on of the least complex characters in the story, and that is most defiantly an interesting move on the part of the author.

Perhaps, he wanted us to see Alice for only who she is or, maybe he wanted to make her harder to decode than the other characters from Wonderland. Alice is a young girl that is taught how to act in every situation that she would ever be in so it is very clear that she would not have the same behaviors as the other people in Wonderland.

However, we must also look at the fact that Alice’s brain came up with all of these people so, what does that mean about who she is.

I think this dream of Wonderland came from the dark reaches of Alice’s brain therefore says nothing about who she is. This would seem to be so because, some of the knowledge that she is given seems far beyond what a little girl would know and think about. But there is more to Alice that what is written, for example, one meaning of Alice that I came to was, she is an example of corrupt government taking advantage of innocent people.

The first time Alice drinks out of the bottle she simply reads the label and when it does not say poison she drinks it without question, this is the exact strategy that you would use to take advantage of someone. First you have to get them to buy into it with out question so that they will do what ever you say, and if properly executed you will have that, for awhile at least. Once that runs out you can either loose your follower, trick them again or, get angry and violent and that is where the queen comes in. She would represent the head of the corrupt government which is all ways power thirsty and violent.

Each of the characters could represent a different position in the government that is trying to take Alice over. That is just one of the many underlying meanings I though of when I looked at Alice.  Alice is the main character and the way we see her is very important. However, there are many ways to protray her so, there are many ways to potray the story of  Aice as well.



  1. Great point re: how the nature of Wonderland speaks volumes about Alice’s character (As it’s all a product of her imagination). I still contend that her lack of immediate depth is a strategic choice by Carroll to turn her into a ‘mirror’ of the child reading the story; an attempt that somewhat backfired 9She’s a tad TOO vanilla), but admirable nonetheless.

    I like how you specified that Wonderland came particularly from the ‘dark’ crevices of her brain; a simple but important distinction, and excellent word choice.

    • thank you kyle I am glad you enjoyed this and found something you could agree with

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